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Renovation : "The Alveolar concrete tennis court" 

You already have a tennis court, its renovation consists of constructing a new surface on the existing court.  You have chosen to build a Hard Court in aveolar concrete.

The base :  If the existing court is made of alveolar concrete, it is necessary to perforate the concrete foundation to ensure proper drainage. If the existing court is made from resin, the slope facilitates drainage.

In order to enhance the existing court, a layer of gravel of minimum 5 cm will be put down. 

The surface : The manufacture of the porous amalgam is done on the spot. Putting in gaps that can expand and then laying down foundations prevents the court cracking during severe weather  (ice, heat waves).  The framework of galvanised links give the court an overall strength and solidity.

Alveolar concrete is a stable material, which does not weaken under the effect of heat.  Its thickness (9cm) and its absorbent properties make it a material that does not overload the ground (weight : 20g/cm2) and does not become misshapen with time.  Its durability allows us to guarantee the court for 10 years and, as it is made using a state of the art procedure, we know the court will last more than 30 years.

The finish : The application of a top coat of elastomer based paints ensures a high level of resistance to wear and tear and results in a smooth finish. This needs to be renewed every 10 years.

Maintenance by the user :  The maintenance consists of simply taking off the sheets that cover the court.

Professional maintenance :  We advise signing up for annual professional maintenance to ensure the quality of the court's playing surface.



                                     Before                                                                          After