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Résine Synthétique

Construction : The Synthetic Resin Court

Construction consists of applying several layers of acrylic resin on a support made from coated asphalt.  It's an impermeable construction.
The base : The coated asphalt support is made with a lateral slope of 1cm/m to facilitate rain water drainage.
The playing surface : This consists of an emulsion of coploymer acrylic resin in an aqueous phase, and a silica load with a gentle grading.  Creation of the resin surface is achieved using a rubber scraper on successive layers to form a flat surface with no joins.
Complex multilayer waterproof this court is guaranteed for 5 years
Maintenance by the user : Maintenance consists of removing the sheets covering the court and removing the water that has collected in any holes on the court.
Professional maintenance : Regenerative measures are necessary every 7 to 10 years to keep the surface in top quality.