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The synthetic clay court

Renovation : The synthetic clay court "Advantage Red Court"

You already have a tennis court, its renovation consists of building a new layer on the existing court.  You have chosen to build a synthetic clay 'Advantage Redcourt'.
The 'Advantage Redcourt' is the archetypal luxury court.  Renovation consists of placing a fibrous polythene layer on a concrete foundation. The layer has been filled with a brick-red colour, giving it the aesthetic quality of clay.
The base : If the existing court is made from alveolar concrete, it is necessary to unclog the foundations to ensure efficient drainage.  If the existing court is made from resin, it is necessary to fill in any cracks to prevent water retention knowing that the existing slope will facilitate drainage.
You will need to anticipate installing a peripheral border to preserve the silica inside the court.

                                    Before                                                                                          After

The playing surface : The strength of 'Advantage Redcourt', lies in the superb quality and resistance of the polyethylene material and in the stability of the clay colour.  The weather conditions do not affect this playing surface due to the permeability of the support so it is possible to play on this court in almost any weather.
The silica : Just one vulcanised silicon layer, brick-red in colour, is laid down uniformly until saturation point, on this playing surface in order to avoid compacting.  Because of this, the permeability of water is excellent.  This silica is resistant to ice, and the loss to wind dispersion is minimal.  Watering is not necessary, even in long periods of dry weather.
The court lines, made from white fibres, are integrated into the playing surface and so are the same level as the surface.
Lovers of natural clay courts can experience the same sensations as playing on clay.  This surface is gentle on the muscles and joints and facilitates good rallies thanks to a bounce very similar to that of natural clay
Maintenance by the user : "Advantage Redcourt" needs only a little maintenance.  Just take off the covers, clean with a hand-held device and brush the lines.
Professional maintenance :  We advise signing up for annual professional maintenance to ensure the quality of the court's playing surface.