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Denis Escande, passionate about his work and a visionary in his field, has transformed the classic court into a veritable work of art.
Since 1998, he has made an extensive range of playing surface colours available so your court will blend perfectly with its surroundings.
Denis Escade subsequently created the Prestige Range (la Ligne Prestige) with decorative fencing, which introduced the idea that aesthetically pleasing tennis court enclosures could be created.
With a high regard for perfection, Denis Escande developed the Prestige range of accessories. Made by artisans from high quality materials, these bring a beauty and refinement to your tennis court that will make it stand out from others.
In 2002 he developed for lovers of ball games; a fun concept suitable for smaller areas .
Then in 2006, he imported a Synthetic Clay patent from the Basque Country called "Advantage Red Court". As an experienced company director, he takes care to protect his creations by registering them with the INPI (French National Institute of Industrial Ownership).
These exclusive and authentic models are outstanding in terms of their production quality, their originality and their uniqueness.